When the architect Frank Gehry designs a new building, he will start by making several models.

However, the first models are not a representation of the building at all. They are supposed to be tools for thinking and release the perfect model.

In the book Managing as Designing he is quoted for saying – while he points at the model – “This isn’t what we are doing – it’s not the building”.

This isn’t what we are doing – it’s not the building

I think it is the same when you want to make truly innovative business models. Make a model and let that model be the stepping stone to the next model…and the next and the next. And after building several models without having your mind set on doing it right, a completely new and beautiful model may appear.

If you focus on doing it right the first time, it will probably work, but certainly be very conservative and traditional.

Read more about Frank Gehrys sketching process or watch the video below, where another architect – Barry Berkus – shows how to think like architects…