Pablo Picasso didn’t understand why modern art was becoming a science in his time. Art is not something you deliberately make with a specific aim in mind. “I do not seek, I find” he said. Just like sculpturers talk about finding the sculpture in the stone.

When we outline our business models we often tend to go straight for the obvious. We go for familiar models that has proved to be successful, as we say. We are building it on science and experience. And nobody can blame start-ups and other businesses for following a proven path. Even though they claim that their products are groundbreaking and game changing.

But if we want to find new and creative business models, we have to be open and “find the sculpture in the stone”.

I recently let a group of engineers pick a number of completly random cards from Business Model Architect ELEMENTS and put them on a Business Model Canvas to see what they would find.

In the beginning they felt a bit awkward and probably thought I was crazy. But when they accepted the challenge and started looking carefully, they found a new business model that they found could be interesting for Porshe! Just because they started looking at the random cards and tried to identify a pattern.