The minds of entrepreneurs and innovative business developers are often chaotic and full of ideas and potential directions their business could take. Especially in the pre-startup phase of course, where the current moment and the near and far future seem to flow together in a big bowl of soup.

But as a coach for entrepreneurs I have often experienced how their minds change when they can see their business as something outside their minds. This is where Business Model Architect often comes in handy.

It works somewhat like this:

  • Sit down at a table and ask your client to explain their solution and their ideas about who they see as potential customers (if they haven’t already done that).
  • Put the Business Model Architect BUILDING SITE and ELEMENTS on the table and start defining the business model step by step – category by category.
  • You take out the ELEMENTS cards one category at a time, and discuss which elements would fit best into a business model. I suggest that you start with CUSTOMER VALUE.

After about an hour you will have your business model – depending on how much you push the process or how indecisive your client is.

This way of outlaying a business model for their eyes has in my experience two major advantages:

  • Structure – it keeps the discussion on track, since it is clear what you are discussing right now and what you have already discussed.
  • Creativity – by going through all the cards, your client is forced to consider options he wouldn’t otherwise think about.