Thanks to my developer Mickaël and my French connection Delphine I am now able to offer you the online tool My Business Model in two new languages French and my native Danish.

You choose preferred language when you register, but you can always change in which language you want your business models displayed.

New member: Choose business model language

As a new member you can choose preferred Business Model Language when you register – and change it again whenever you like.



Already member: Change business model language

As a registered member you can change your preferred business model language whenever you like, and your business models will be displayed in a new language.

Click go to your Membership Details, change My Business Model Language and click Update Profile.

If you click on the flags on the My Business Model page, you will be redirected to your Membership Details.



Only your personal comments will be in the original language.

Invited readers: Simple switcher

If you invite people to see your business model through a link, they will be able to switch languages by clicking on the flags.