When I outlined the business model with Business Model Architect for one of my clients, we ended up with several cards in some of the categories.

The client was a startup with a new type of business software that helped companies work more efficiently.

We realized that in the beginning we would have to sell directly to customers and do the instruction ourselves, later we believed we could train consultants to sell our software and instruct clients. And in the far future the vision was that we could sell the cloud based software directly online with online training as well.

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In selecting our channel you may argue that we should focus on what to do first, but since we intended to seek venture funding, we wanted to show the path to scalability.

Talking about capital, that was another element of the business model, where we had chosen different sources for different phases.

So how do we show that development in a business model? And how do we show it with the My Business Model feature at Business Model Architect?

One solution is to make multiple business models – one for each phase of the business project – which is what I usually do. However, my developer Mickaël got the idea, that we could just add color codes so each color represented a different phase.

The same goes if you want to make alternative – but overlapping – business models for different customer segments or maybe you have a multisided platform where customer groups are offered different value propositions.

When I uses sticky-notes to map out a business model I often use different colored notes to illustrate the above – so the new feature is basically about giving your different colored sticky notes for you online business model.