Business Model Architect is developed by Jan Bendtsen, BENDTSEN start og udvikling, in Denmark.

It all began in 2007, when I read an article on Wikipedia about business models and found a link to The Business Model Onthology by Alexander Osterwalder. At that time I was doing work for the Danish Entrepreneurship Academy IDEA, and found that Osterwalders great work deserved to be presented in a more accessible way for nascent entrepreneurs.

Working with board games in another learning context gave me the idea of gamifying the Business Model Onthology, so in cooperation with collegues at IDEA I developed the Business Model Construction Tool. It turned out to be a greate way to train business development with people who had never even heard the word business model before.

In the meantime Alexander Osterwalder hadn’t been sleeping, so in 2009 he and Yves Pigneur published the now famous Business Model Generation and introduced the Business Model Canvas. I was so amazed by this beautiful model that even I for at time skipped my own tool in favour of the Business Model Canvas.

However, I found that with the canvas and the post-it notes you stick on it, you can only use the vocabulary that you already have, and you are not forced to consider the opportunities that you are not aware of.

So I went back to my old concept to rebuild it with my new experiences.

I wanted to make my tool compatible with the Business Model Canvas, but provide especially beginners in business development much more choice and a much larger toolbox. And this is what I present to you on this website.

You can use the cards with the Busienss Model Canvas, but I have also designed a special board that is designed especially for a table setting, where you can sit, stand or walk around a table while you are working on your business model.

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