Business consultants, business developers, trainers, teachers and entrepreneurs are already using Business Model Architect.

You don’t choose customer segments, they choose you, and we have been surprised to see the variety of people and organizations using Business Model Architect.

However, most users seem to fall into one of the following categories:

  • Business consultants
  • Business developers
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurs

Business Consultants

Independent consultants are using it with their clients.

Have you ever arranged a business development workshop for a client, where people from different functions like sales, finance and production should discuss a new business project in their organization?

Or have you ever discussed the business part of a startup project founded by engineers?

Business Model Architect immediately brings everybody in the workshop on the same page and focuses the discussion on business – not on technology and products.

Furthermore it gives you a simple way of facilitating out-of-the-box thinking in the process.

Business Developers

Internal business developers using it for meetings and workshops when a new product or service is launched – or when existing products need to pivot.

The value for business development functions is similar to the value for independent consultants:

Get people with different backgrounds from different functions on the same page and keep the discussion on track.

Coaching session


As a teacher or lecturer you may sometimes wonder whether the best way to learn about business models is to listen to your lecturing or to work creatively with business development.

The answer probably is a combination, so Business Model Architect allows you to let your students go straight to business model creation with only a few minutes of introduction.

For teachers and lecturers in courses like Entrepreneurship and Business Development the Business Model Architect-concept it is a great way to arrange group workshops for students.

I have experienced several times that students come up and ask if they can buy the cards after the workshop.



If you are an entrepreneur you probably don’t like to spend a lot of time writing a business plan. You prefer action to writing. At least that is my experience from the many entrepreneurs who asked me to write their business plans for them.

Business Model Architect is a fast way to get the overall picture of how your business should work. And it is an easy way to make a new version, when you find out that your first business model didn’t work out as expected.

Especially if you are a startup team of lets say 2-4 people a round of Business Model Architect is a great way to find out if you agree on the business model.

And when you get stuck and have to think out of the box, Business Model Architect is the cheapest way to facilitate creative thinking.