Recently I went through the elements of a business model with a couple entrepreneurs. When explaining the concept of Customer Relation I found it necessary to get my Business Model Architect-cards, since Customer Relation is often misinterpreted or oversimplified when you use the Business Model Canvas. The simplification in the canvas model is both it’s […]Continue Reading


When I outlined the business model with Business Model Architect for one of my clients, we ended up with several cards in some of the categories. The client was a startup with a new type of business software that helped companies work more efficiently. We realized that in the beginning we would have to sell […]Continue Reading


Building a business model is a dynamic process, and you final business model – if there is such a thing – will most likely be different from the first version you made. Therefore my developer Mickaël Grain has developed a new feature in My Business Model: When you edit your business model online you will […]Continue Reading


One of the current Business Model Architect users inspired me with a new suggestion for a workshop: When you start a new business or a new business project in an existing organization, you may want to write down a full business plan in order to make sure, that you have the same idea about the […]Continue Reading


Thanks to german business student Oke Warnholz the Business Model Architect tools will be available in German soon. I have received the translations and look forward to start working the online and print versions in German. The translation process is always a good occasion to look closer at the terms and descriptions on the cards. […]Continue Reading


Thanks to the hard work of Dutch business coach Albert Shuurmans it is now possible to build you business model online in Dutch as well. Just choose Dutch as your business model language when you register or edit you existing profile. You can always switch to other available languages. Dutch printed cards and canvas will also […]Continue Reading


Thanks to my developer Mickaël and my French connection Delphine I am now able to offer you the online tool My Business Model in two new languages French and my native Danish. You choose preferred language when you register, but you can always change in which language you want your business models displayed. New member: […]Continue Reading


If you want to build a business model with the Business Model Architect tools, you simply need the ELEMENTS and the BUILDING SITE. Spread them out on a table and start brainstorming out of the box.Continue Reading


A business model is simply the answer to four general questions about your business project: In other words it is about Elements of a business model Of course it is a bit more complicated than that, and each of the four main questions has a number of subquestions: Product – What do we sell? Sales […]Continue Reading


My Business Model is an online tool for brainstorming on business models. Check out the tutorial below, register for free and go to My Busienss Model… If you have built your business model with the physical tools Business Model Architect ELEMENTS and BUILDING SITE you can also use My Business Model to capture and save […]Continue Reading