I acknowledge that I can never compete with all of you – my dear users – in creativity when it comes to business model creation. No matter how many options I come up with in the different categories, you will always be able to come up with more. After requests from users I have therefore […]Continue Reading


When developing business models, it is a good habit to always define three alternative business models – or even more. We often have a reasonable desire to make the businessmodel right the first time, so we can move ahead with the business, but thus we never discover alternative models that are not obvious. Designing at […]Continue Reading


If you are a startup or management team, Busienss Model Architect can make it easy to organize a business development workshop where you: Develop one or more alternative business model for your startup. Develop one or more alternative business models for a new product, service or business concept. Map, discuss and improve an existing business […]Continue Reading


Inventing a new solution is not always the best or easiest way to make a revolution in an established industy. Often a new business model will be a much easier and more efficient way to change the game. The exercise described below is a way to Get your Business Model Architect ELEMENTS and BUILDING SITE […]Continue Reading


The minds of entrepreneurs and innovative business developers are often chaotic and full of ideas and potential directions their business could take. Especially in the pre-startup phase of course, where the current moment and the near and far future seem to flow together in a big bowl of soup. But as a coach for entrepreneurs […]Continue Reading


If you have a class of students in courses like Entrepreneurship, Innovation or Business Development etc. where students are supposed to develop new ventures or business projects in groups, the Business Model Architect tools are well suited to help the students in the process of building a business around a specific product or service concept. […]Continue Reading


One of the reasons why the concept of business models have become increasingly popular – and with Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur’s Business Model Generation even fashionable – is probably because new industries create a lot of new and creative business models. The whole web industry, the booming app industry and the gaming industry are diverse […]Continue Reading


Pablo Picasso didn’t understand why modern art was becoming a science in his time. Art is not something you deliberately make with a specific aim in mind. “I do not seek, I find” he said. Just like sculpturers talk about finding the sculpture in the stone. When we outline our business models we often tend […]Continue Reading


When the architect Frank Gehry designs a new building, he will start by making several models. However, the first models are not a representation of the building at all. They are supposed to be tools for thinking and release the perfect model. In the book Managing as Designing he is quoted for saying – while […]Continue Reading


Today we saw a few examples of curated subscription services – and discussed the actual meaning of “curated”. I recieved a link to an article in The Guradian elaborating on the trend. Under the headline Would you pay someone to make all your decisions the article gives examples of how you can outsource your decisions […]Continue Reading