Business Model in 13 steps

Business Model Architect is built around the 13 elements of a buisness model - grouped in four main categories.

Take a guided tour through the 13 steps or go straight to building your business model online with the elements in My Business Model by clicking on the buttons to the right or on any of the business model elements below...

How is our cost structure?
How is the price set?
How do we make money?
How do we reach our customers?
How do we serve our customers?

How do we get, keep and grow customer relationships?
How are our customers?
Why is the customer buying our solution?
How new and different are we?

At what price level should our product be sold?
When in the buying and usage process do we create a unique experience?
How do we benefit from partnerships?
What are we doing in our business?
What are the required resources to start and run our business?
What do you offer?
How do you sell it?
How do you provide it?
How do you make money?