Why are your customers buying your solution?

One of the first things, you want to define in your business model, is your offer – what do you sell? Or rather what do customers buy?

  • Save money

    How can you help your customer save money?

    Think Ryanairs low fare flights, low energy light bulbs saving electricity costs, ebooks cutting the shipping costs...

  • Image

    Creative challenge

    How could you add image value to your product or service?

    How could you make it easy for customers to show, that they have bought your product/service?

  • Reduce risk

    Creative challenge

    How can your solution reduce a risk for your customer?

    What are the perceived risk in relation to your type of solution? And how can you remove or reduce that?

  • Convenience

    Creative Challenge:

    What would your offer look like, if customers were mainly searching for convenience?

  • Simplicity

    Creative challenge:

    What would your solution look like if you focused on making your customer’s life simpler?

  • Productivity

    Creative Challenge:

    What would your product or service look like, if you wanted the main customer value to be increased productivity?

    How can you develop additional features or add-ons that will make customers more productive?

Notice the two-sided question. It is probably easy for you to say what you sell, but do you actually know why your customer will buy?

When you buy a holiday package, the travel agency may be selling a flight and a hotel room, but what you are buying is probably something like a week’s relaxation and fond memories … or for my own part, the possibility of a week of cycling in good weather, when the snow lies thick in Denmark.

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