How it works? The simple and easy answer is:

Pick a card in each category, and you have your business model.

The more complex answer is: It works in mysterious ways!

Unfolding the options (cards) visually makes people think what they wouldn’t otherwise think, and having physical cards makes it easy for coaches to stimulate outside-the-box-thinking.

The basic concept is shown in the video above and in the BASIC Manual.

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Build online – and challenge your team

Building a business model online with Business Model Architect is a completely different process from a physical meeting around at table. And definitely not as loud!

However, with the “Add co-author”-feature you can have just as much creativity – albeit more introvert –  if you challenge your co-authors to come up with slightly or completely different models – or challenge them to pivot your business model as the Lean Startup-evangelists would say.

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In the video below you can see how it basically works…