Customer value

"You can start building business models with only few minutes of instructions - and easily stimulate creativity. "
Productivity We improve our customer's productivity by enabling them to work faster or more efficiently.


"Builds on the popular works of Alexander Osterwalder + Steve Blank (Startup Owners Manual)"
Existing market We position our offer as a known solution in an existing market where customers are already buying our type of product. We are just a bit better or a bit different.

Price level

"The electronic version is free"
Free We give some or all of our products to customers for free. We make revenue from other purchases, advertising, other users of our platform etc.
"Pricing is based on what we think similar concepts would cost "
Market price We sell our product at a price close to the general market price. Customers will perceive our price as neither high nor low, but close to the ususal price level in the market.

Experience cycle

"Especially creative people like to work with business models in a visual and physical"
Usage Customers get a unique experience when they use our product. It may be because of the way it does the job, the way it feels or the reaction it gets from others.
"Additional resources and guidance for teachers and coaches will be added"
After sales Customers get a unique experience after they have bought our product because of our after sales services and the way we help and relate to our customers after the purchase.



"Teachers + Trainers, Coaches + Consultants and Entrepreneurs + Businesses can all use the concept, but must be served and reached differently."
Segmented Our customers are multiple different segments in the market. Different segments have different needs, so we adapt our solution and business model to suit different segments.

Customer Relation

"Try the concept online"
Trials We offer trial periods or reduced versions of our product as free or low price versions. The purpose is to lower the barrier for customers to get involved with us.
"Online ordering + guidance"
Automated service Our customers serve themselves through a technological interface - like a website, a mobile device or an automat.
"Free membership with access to additional features. "
Membership We build loyalty through a membership concept where members get certain benefits if they are loyal customers.
"Updated versions and additional tools for business developmen (coming later). Regionally courses and workshops can also be offered. "
Upselling We grow our customer relations by offering additional products and services that relate to our core product/service. The things or services you may need when you buy our core product, you can also buy from us. We offer the whole package.


"Order through"
Online sales – own platform Our products are sold through our own online platform (website or mobile).



"Development and production funded by own equity"
Equity Our equity capital is a key financial resource for our business. We mainly fund our business with our own money.
"Experienced independent consultant for startups and SMEs and lecturer at university level"
Management team We will succeed because we have an ideal management team.
"Web developer"
Specialits Our business activities are mainly based on highly skilled and specialized labour. Attracting the best without overpaying is important for our success.
"Copyrighted material - cards etc. "
Copyright Copyright on creative works like texts, photos, movies, music, paintings or other unique creative works is a key resource for us. Our copyrights give us a competitive advantage.
"5 years experience in using the concept. "
Experience + tacit knowledge Our experience and tacit knowledge in our field is the key to our success. It is very hard for others to copy.


Value chain
"Selling cards + canvas (printed by subcontractor)"
Trade We buy and resell products. Having the right products from the right suppliers in the right quantity and on time is our key activity.
"Online training + regional courses"
Training and education We train and educate people. Managing standardized training and education concepts is our key activity.
"Continuted development of tools and guidance"
Research & Development We create new products and new knowledge through research and development. Managing research and innovation processes is our key activity.


Sourcing partner We are sourcing one or more of our activities from sourcing partners. Such as production, service functions, IT or administration.



"Selling cards + canvas"
Product sales We create income by selling our products and services for money.
"Universities can buy a license to print their own cards + canvas"
License fee We create income by giving other companies the right to utilize our patents, copyrights or other immaterial rights on products and concepts. The licensee pay us an amount depending on their utilization of our rights.
"Workshops and courses"
Project sales We create income from project contracts. We do projects for our customers and receive a specific contract price.

Price model

"Price per card set or canvas"
List prices Our prices are fixed prices defined in a price list.
"Discounts on orders above 5 sets."
Volume dependent Our prices depend on the volume our customers buy - for each purchase or over a certain period.


"costs are mainly print costs"
Variable costs A relatively large share of our costs are variable costs. Our strategy is to buy external services instead of owning our own equipment and using flexible staff that we only pay when we need them.