Customer value

Productivity We improve our customer's productivity by enabling them to work faster or more efficiently.
Simplicity We make life simpler for our customer. With our product/service they can do certain things in a simpler way live a simpler life.


Low cost We position our product as a cheaper and stripped down version of an existing solution. It is just enough to please a certain customer segment who are unwilling to pay the price of current solutions.
New market We position our product as a completely new solution that is not like anything on the market today. We offer something that customers were not aware that they needed.

Price level

Market price We sell our product at a price close to the general market price. Customers will perceive our price as neither high nor low, but close to the ususal price level in the market.

Experience cycle



Customer Relation

Self service Our customers serve themselves with minimal assistance from our staff.
Community Our customers are interacting and serving each other through contact on our platform. We mainly facilitate the platform so our community can interact seamlessly.
Product development We grow our customer relations by developing or adding new products over time - or by developing new and upgraded versions of existing products.


Direct sales force We are selling directly to the end user with our own sales staff.
Distributors Our products are sold through distributors and resellers who buy our products and resell them to retailers or dealers.



Location and site Our key resource is location. Investing in the right location - or a large enough site - for our business activities is a key to our success.
Machines and equipment Our key resources are machines, equipment and other hardware. Investing in the right machines, equipment and hardware is important for our business activities.
Management team We will succeed because we have an ideal management team.


Value chain
Training and education We train and educate people. Managing standardized training and education concepts is our key activity.
Events We organize special and unique events for our customers. Developing and managing events is our key activity.
Product platform We provide a product as a platform where other companies can develop add on products or applications. Making it easy and attractive to develop product or applications for our platform is our key activity.




Product sales We create income by selling our products and services for money.
Advertising We create income by selling advertising space or time on our platforms.

Price model

Pay per use The price of our product/service is a specific amount per use. The more customers use our product/service, the more they pay.
List prices Our prices are fixed prices defined in a price list.


Wages Our staff costs are a relatively high compared to competitors. Either because of labour intensive activities or because of relatively well paid employees.