Building a business model with Business Model Architect is very simple and doesn’t require any previous understanding of business models.

All you need

To build your business model you simply need:

  • A set of 147 Business Model Architect cards.
  • A Business Model Architect canvas board (or draw it on a large sheet of paper – preferably A0-format)
  • A rough idea about the core product or service that you want to build a business model for.

Four easy steps

If you have these, simply go through the following steps:

  • Place the Business Model Architect canvas board on a table – and place the table so you can sit or walk around it.
  • Split the 147  cards in different categories according to the colour codes/category names. Place each category of cards around the board, so fx the Customers-cards are close to the Customers triangle on the board.
  • For each category/colour you must pick the card that answers the question on the board for that category – or in other words: Which card defines that part of your business model. For example for Customer Value you must decide which of the seven cards defines the main reason why your customers will be buying. START WITH CUSTOMERS AND CUSTOMER VALUE.
  • Put the selected cards on the Business Model Architect canvas board in the triangles for each category and place the rest outside the board.

When you have done that for all 12 categories, you have your business model.

Additional guidelines

As you get started, you will find out that it is not quite as simple as that, so here are some additional guidelines that you will need along the way:

  • In some categories you might need or want to pick more than one card. If you do so, you should prioritize and put the most important card on top of the second most imporant etc.
  • In the categories CUSTOMER RELATION, RESOURCES and ACTIVITIES you will find 3 or 4 subcategories. You can pick cards in all subcategories if it is necessary for your business model.