6 billion business models in a box…



Business Model Architect is the alphabet of business model creation. It turns your business development into a game of Scrabble or Wordfeud.

With 147 cards in 13 categories you can build your business model visually at the kitchen table, in the classroom or at your clients meeting desk.

Business Model Architect ELEMENTS

Business Model Architect ELEMENTS is the alphabet of business model creation.

The ELEMENTS is a set of 147 cards in 13 categories that can be combined into more than six billion different business models – although like in Scrabble, not all combinations may make sense.

The cards will make it simple and easy to:

  • Build business models even if you don’t know what a business model is – whether by yourself, with your team or with your clients or students.
  • Facilitate creative thinking in the business modeling process.

Business Model Architect ELEMENTS are your bricks for building a business model.

The ELEMENTS is actually all you need to become a Business Model Architect. But if you would like a more explicit structure for your process, you may use the BUILDING SITE or CANVAS below.

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Spice up your business modeling…

The ELEMENTS can stand alone, but you can spice up and enhance the process of business modeling with a game board or an online cooperation tool.

Business Model Architect BUILDING SITE

BMA Building SiteBusiness Model Architect BUILDING SITE is the canvas for your masterpiece. A game board to structure your cards. Works perfectly when seated around a table.

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Business Model Architect CANVAS

BMA PLAKAT bmc-design-ENG-1024Business Model Architect CANVAS is for the many fans of Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas with colors to show you where the cards fit in.

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My Business Model

my-business-model-2My Business Model is for capturing, sharing and modifying your business model online.

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