My Business Model is an online checklist where you can capture and take notes about the business models you build with Business Model Architect ELEMENTS.

Actually it is a full online version of the Business Model Architect tools, where you can see the individual cards.

My Business Model currently available in English, French and Danish…but more languages are in the pipeline.

How to build with My Business Model

In the video below you can see how it works.


My Business Model is an online collaboration tool for creating business models with the following features:

  • Build a business model step by step with standard ELEMENTS.
  • Build up to 20 alternative or new business models.
  • Save and edit later.
  • Write your own comments to each elements.
  • Invite up to 5 others to collaborate on your business model.
  • Invite others to join and see your business model by email or link.
  • Print your business model.
Example : You can see the result in this example of a business model for the Business Model Architect products.

Join and get started

You simply build your business model like this:

  • Register for a FREE membership and go to My Business Model.
  • Open the overall categories by clicking on the coloured rectangles.
  • Hover the options to see a description.
  • Check the elements you want in your business model.
  • Add a short note to each element in your business model to specify how you want to use that element.
  • Save, print, share or invite co-authors – or just view and enjoy!